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Florida Title Insurance

The real estate industry is experiencing many changes in laws.  Too many real estate transactions are overseen by non-attorney title insurance agents.  North Tampa Law Group is owned and operated by Florida attorneys experienced with real estate transactions.  We provide title insurance, escrow and closing services to residential and commercial transactions.  We also provide legal representation and litigation services for transactions mishandled by other services. 
When you purchase a title insurance policy, the title services at North Tampa Law Group will provide you with the sense of security you deserve.  Our highly trained staff and real estate attorneys will provide you peace of mind at the closing of your real estate transaction.  Equally important, during your transaction our professional staff will have prompt answers to questions and deliver unmatched quality service.  To learn more about our title insurance and real estate closing services, please call our office to schedule a consultation.


Title insurance protects your home from any past claims, liens or other problems that existed before you purchased the property.  The agent you hire to handle your title insurance will conduct historical research on the land or real estate you want to purchase.  If the search performed results in any problems with the real estate, the agent assists in fixing the problem before closing.  If, after closing, a problem or issue with the property was missed, then the title insurance policy takes care of the issue.


If you are using a mortgage to buy your home or other real estate, then title insurance is mandatory.  You are purchasing a policy for yourself and for the lender and it is required by your lender.  If you are paying cash, then the title insurance is optional.  However, if you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for real estate, the cost to insure that your purchase is protceted is minimal. 


The price of title insurance is based on the purchase price of the property.  For the first $100,000.00, the Florida title insurance rates are $5.75 per $1,000.00.  For example, if the home purchase price is $100,000.00, then the title insurance rate is $575.00 ($5.75 x 100).  For a purchase price over $100,000, then the Florida title insurance rates are $5.75 per $1,000.00 for the first $100,000.00, and $5.00 per $1,000 beyond up to $1 Million.  If the home purchase price is $200,000.00, then the title insurance rate is $1,075.00 (($5.75 x 100) + ($5.00 x 100)). 

If you have any questions about Florida Title Insurance or would like to speak to us about your options, please contact us at (813) 518-7411. We represent clients during stressful and difficult times in their lives. We are empathetic, responsive, and push for a quick resolution. We look forward to helping you resolve your issue quickly, fairly, and in a way that will help you to return to the stable, predictable life that you deserve.

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